Stratford On Avon Ambulance Association was formed in 1945 to provide first aid and ambulance services to the district of Stratford On Avon and over time we have evolved into our present organisation, delivering first aid training and event first aid cover to our local community,


First Aid Training

Our first aid training is delivered by instructors who know what they are talking about and in many cases have utlilised the skills they teach in real life scenarios and using these experiences they can teach in a holistic approach. For information about how we can fulfill your training needs, please contact us.

Community Event Cover

We have many years of experience in providing first aid cover for local events that can have thousands of members of public attending, such as the Shakespeare Birthday Parade and Stratford Upon Avon Food Festival. For more information about how we could help your event, please contact us.

Sports Match Cover

We can provide comprehensive sports match cover, providing first aiders or ambulance aiders with a fully equipped ambulance if necessary. For more information about how we can support your event, please contact us.

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